sage leaf is a down-to-earth, family-owned & operated graphic design firm. Our goal is to craft high-quality designs that are emotionally intelligent, beautiful, & engaging. We specialize in emotionally intelligent designs that deliver your message to your target audience with clarity & wisdom.

at sage leaf, one of our main goals is to identify what messaging and emotion(s) our clients would like their audience to experience when they see their book cover, brochure, flyer, business card, logo, catalog, newsletter, etc.

Print Design

Print design is used when the end product needs to be printed. While most of the work is done on a computer, it is designed to be something physically held or touched. Something you want your audience to stop & look at such as a book or a poster. 

Branding & Identity

Branding is about what your audience thinks & feels about your company, product, or service. In graphic design, Identity refers to the essential visual elements of your brand that will assist you in growing your business. We work with you to understand your mission, vision, target audience, brand personality, and your guiding principles, all of which will help us develop the essential elements of your brand and grow your business.

Digital Design

Digital design covers media design that will be viewed online. Digital design encompasses graphics, how a design will look online, how functional it is, and whether it can be easily viewed and interacted with across platforms

Business Consultation

Do you need help integrating your mission & vision statements, understanding who your target audience is, solidifying your brand personality, and identifying your core values? We would love to help you grow your business! Get in touch.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is all about using the right social media platforms to promote & grow your business, track your progress, success, & ad engagement, address stakeholders & your target audience, and develop your overall culture & tone.

Let’s work together.

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